Lee Leachman manages Leachman Cattle of Colorado (LCoC).

LCoC is the third largest seed stock supplier in the United States with a base of 7,500 fully performance recorded cows, and markets 1500 herd bulls through 6 annual sales and direct to producers.

Lee is a global leader in applied beef genetics with a powerful focus on profitability. He has been supplying BIG with Stabiliser embryos since 1998.

Profit per hectare should be the primary measure of business performance and for beef suckler producers, rather than widely used parameters such as individual weaning weights, big cows, weight of finished animals or sale revenue per head.

A fertile and efficient suckler cow is a greater determinant of profitable success than fast growth rates or high finishing weights.

The common approach in the UK is to aim for higher and higher outputs, but I do not believe this is the route to greater profitability. The industry is breeding bigger and bigger cows, either by design or as a consequence of selecting bulls with the highest growth rate EBVs, and this is counter-productive

It is a fact that smaller cows wean a higher proportion of their body weight in live calves, allow for higher stocking rates, reduce feed costs, and have higher reproductive rates. As a result, bigger cows simply reduce profit per hectare.

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