Increasing cow numbers was easily achievable with excellent fertility and heifers calving at 24 months old

We started using stabiliser bulls around twenty years ago and haven’t looked back since. By recording multiple cow profit traits we are driving our herd performance forward each year by collecting crucial data to produce accurate EBVs.

Minimal labour is required at calving time, with easy calving cows and calves up and suckling in no time at all. This gave us the ability to increase our cow numbers with no extra labour. Increasing cow numbers was easily achievable with excellent fertility and heifers calving at 24 months old.

The growth rate of Stabiliser cattle is exceptional, producing high weaning weights whilst converting feed efficiently. We originally fattened Stabilisers in a bull beef system and recently changed to fattening them as steers at grass. Grazing them for two summers, with them being finished at 16-18 months before their second winter.

We are very confident looking forward to the breed’s ability to improve year on year.


John and Ianto Pari, Gwynedd, North Wales.

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