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Birth Year

      27 Cows with calves at foot

      England North East

      We have 27 cows with calves at foot for sale in Nottinghamshire. This is a young group of cows, ranging from 24 month first calves, to the oldest two which are six. These cows have an excellent temperament and are extremely quiet. This is a spring calving group.

      This herd is Johnes and BVD clear. They are in a TB4 area, with a clear reading on 06.06.2020. We also did blood tests in December 2019, which were John’s and BVD clear.

      Please get in touch for more details.

      Located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

      30 Cows with Calves at Foot


      Due to a change in farm policy the Congeith Herd of Stabiliser cows is to be sold. The herd was graded up from a Sim Luing base so good strong suckler bred stock. The cows will be able to moved in September after the summer grazing. The cows normally out winter but due to such a wet season some were housed as you can see with the videos. These cows are being turned imminently out as calving is usually done at grass.

      The herd is BVD free and also vaccinates for scours prior to calving and is a TB4 area.

      Please get in touch for further details.

      Located in Dumfries, Scotland.

      15 Cows and calves at foot

      England North East

      Cow and calves for sale.

      A herd dispersal due to Alan Jackson retiring from Rugley Farm, Alan has used Stabiliser genetics for 17 years and has always been interested on how the breed performs and moved forward, we will miss working with Alan but his daughter Lucy will hopefully re-build a small herd to keep the Stabiliser genetics alive at Rugley.

      The cows will be available once they have calved and the calves old enough to transport, this will be in the summer.

      Located in Alnwick, Northumberland.

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