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Birth Year

18 in-calf cows and heifers with calves at foot!


We have heifers and cows available from the renowned Cernigoe Bach herd, this herd have been breeding Stabilisers since 2001 and have established an excellent herd.

The 18 cows and heifers available are predominately red, with one black cow, with a red calf. All of the cows are pure Stabilisers apart from two which are F2's. These cows are getting scanned on the 26th of October and have been running with a top 1% Stabiliser bull. They will start calving from the end of April.

Happy to split the group or sell them as a whole.

This herd is in a high health scheme, Johnes level 1, BVD accredited free, vaccinated for IBR and in a low risk TB area.

For more information and more photos please call the sales team at the Stabiliser Cattle Company either Ursula 07790 018637 or Katie 07792 036866.

20 young cows and heifers for sale


Group of 20 young cows and heifers for sale. Between 2- 5 years. Due to calve down from late March to top £ profit bulls. Nearly all red. Mostly pure with a few F4’s but could also include a few top quality F3’s and F2’s as well if interested.

Herd Health Scheme Level 1 Johnes status, no cases detected since starting. No TB reactor in 20 years. BVD, Lepto, IBR, Rotavac, Bovipast and Clostridial vaccinated.

Located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.


England South East and East Anglia

The “Terling Stabiliser Herd” Sale

Lord Rayleigh’s Farms have decided to sell the Terling Stabiliser herd, due to the re-structuring of the farm enterprise. Not an easy decision as there have been cows on the estate whether dairy or suckler for +100 years.
The whole herd is for sale, so an ideal opportunity for somebody interested to carry on and move forward with the Stabiliser breed.

Health has been an important factor attaining
• Johnes Level 1
• BVD accreditation - vaccinate
• IBR marker vaccinate
• TB 4 – Last tested December 2019

The sale comprises of 137 in-calf cows all due to calve from late January to mid-April, ranging from F2 – F5, mainly red but black genetics have been introduced over the past few years.

For more information and more photos please call the sales team at the Stabiliser Cattle Company either Ursula 07790 018637 or Katie 07792 036866.

Located, in Terling, Norfolk.


England South East and East Anglia

Herd Reduction

Due to a generational change in policy, the well-established Stonehouse Farm herd of performance recorded Stabiliser cows is due to be reduced by 50%. This means that from now and over the next six months approximately 75 cows are for sale at any stage. They can be bulling heifers, cows with calves at foot, or cows scanned in calf to high genetic merit bulls. Some bulls are also available.

The herd has been using Stabiliser genetics for over 14 years, and has been performance recorded throughout that period. It runs on a unique combination of out-wintering and grazing poor conservation-based land, whilst pursuing high health and improved genetics. This means that the performance this herd achieves is through genetics and not feed. Breeding stock can be sure to go on and perform well on any other farm.

Located in Norwich, Norfolk.

25 High Health Second Calvers for Sale!

England North East

25 Red Stabiliser 2nd calvers for sale in County Durham. The herd used to be organic and changed back to conventional a couple of years ago, the farm was involved in a monitor farm project and we had some very successful meetings with Richard and Bev.

They are due April/May (bulls went in 1st July) in calf to either Utopia (red) and Crag Top Black Ultimate a Leachman Prophet Embryo bull for the remaining.

Due to be scanned in mid October.

Health status
Johnes Level 1
BVD free and vaccinate
Vaccinates for Clostridial diseases and IBR
TB4 area

Please call the sales team for more information.

20 high health in-calf Stabiliser cows for sale!


We have 20 cows available in Denbighshire, North Wales. These cows are a mixture of F3's and F4's and are currently running with a bull. Cows will be scanned prior to sale and will be due May-June time.

This herd is in a high health scheme, Johnes level 1, accredited BVD free, and IBR accredited free. They also vaccinate for BVD and lepto.

For more information and more photos please call the sales team at the Stabiliser Cattle Company either Ursula 07790 018637 or Katie 07792 036866.

Located in Denbighshire, North Wales.

10 in-calf cows for sale in Cumbria

England North West

10 in calf cows for sale from the Wraycastle Pedigree Stabiliser herd. The Geldard family have been using Stabiliser genetics since 2003, establishing a renowned herd selling breeding stock. The cows which are for sale are a mixture of ages and are only being sold due lightening the stocking rate so more home-bred heifers can be retained. The cows have now been scanned in calf to a top 1% bull. They will be calving in March/April. There is a mixture of red and black. These cows are predominately F3's and F4 Stabilisers.

High health herd, Johnes level 2, accredited BVD free and vaccinate for BVD. TB4 area.

Located in Kendal, Cumbria.

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