Back your intuition with insights from genetic testing

If you’re selecting by looks, age or weights alone, you could be leaving a lot to chance. Basing decisions on genetic insights can help you more efficiently produce cattle that the market demands, helping to put your farm in a stronger position.

What is INHERIT Select®?

INHERIT Select® is an innovative genetic test and weekly multibreed genetic evaluation for commercial suckler cow farmers. It is intended to be used on crossbred cattle with genetics from eight major breeds*. INHERIT Select® provides predictions to help you make more profitable selection and breeding decisions while harnessing the power of hybrid vigour.

*Angus, Red Angus, South Devon, Hereford, Simmental, Gelbvieh, Limousin, Charolais

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Better information helps consistently achieve goals

It’s amazing what a small tissue sample can unlock, providing you with more dependable information than instincts alone. It’s how INHERIT Select® can help you consistently build a cow herd with lower costs, better reproduction rates and higher-value calves.

1.4 million

Straightbred & crossbred animals¹

6 easy-to-understand


Predictions for crosses of

8 major breeds*

Rankings according to

20 traits

Discover More Performance Advantages

INHERIT Select® provides genetic insights that help build on the strengths of your commercial herd.

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See the results in the field, not just on paper

Save time and resources by getting accurate insights on a heifer’s potential in a matter of weeks, rather than waiting years to track her performance.

INHERIT Select® is a genetic testing tool for commercial females that delivers insights you can trust. Informed genetic decisions can help lead to:

  • Longer-lasting, more efficient and profitable cows
  • Fewer headaches when calving
  • Better calves on the ground, with efficient growth and more carcass merit
  • Allows you to make informed breeding decisions
  • Accentuating herd strengths and correcting weaknesses
  • Optimising breed composition and hybrid vigour

Here's an example of how it works

1. Use your trusty instincts to eliminate around 25% of females that don’t meet your expectations.

2. Now you have your preferred 75% remaining, use the Inherit Select® test to discover the superior performing females within the group.

3. With these genetic results, you now can make more informed selection, breeding and marketing decisions.

Build your herd with more confidence

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INHERIT Select® will provide each tested animal with six Indexes.

These include the Zoetis Total Return (ZTR) and the £Profit indexes. These Indexes integrate the full range of economically relevant GEBVs plus economic and production assumptions into one easy-to-use number to help maximise returns.

Zoetis Cow/Calf (ZCC) &

£Weaning (£W) indexes Include:

  • Birth Weight (BW)
  • Weaning Weight (WW)
  • Yearling Height (YH)
  • Mature Cow Weight (MW)
  • Calving Ease Maternal (CEM)
  • Milk
  • Teat & Udder Composite (TUC)
  • Cow Fertility (FRT)
  • Docility (DOC)
  • Scrotal Circumference (SC)
  • Foot Score Composite (SFC)

The Zoetis Cow/Calf (ZCC) and £Weaning (£W) indexes, which focus on the profitability from the cow taking a calf through to weaning.

Zoetis Finisher/Carcass (ZFC) &

 £Finishing (£F) indexes Include:

  • Yearling Weight (YW)
  • Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
  • Feed to Gain (F:G)
  • Carcass Weight (CW)
  • Marbling (MARB)
  • Ribeye Area (REA)
  • Fat Thickness (FAT)
  • Yield Grade (YG)
  • Tenderness (TND) MVP

The last two indexes focus on performance from weaning through to slaughter, these are the Zoetis Finisher/Carcass (ZFC) and £Finishing (£F) indexes.

What do you gain from  INHERIT Select®:


Inform heifer selection and breeding decisions

Benchmark your herd’s genetic strengths and weaknesses


Identify effective sires and manage inbreeding

Better inform bull buying and sire selection decisions


How to use INHERIT Select®

Testing with INHERIT Select® is simple. All you need to do is fill in the form below.  You will receive a return email where you can fill in the details for the females you want to test.

  • We organise and send out the Caisley ear tags directly to your farm
  • Take a tissue sample with a Caisley ear tag and send it off to be shipped for testing
  • Once the sample has been sent you will receive confirmation from Zoetis
  • Five weeks from sending your samples in you will receive an email from Zoetis with your results
  • At this point, you can log in to the dedicated INHERIT Select® searchpoint website with the login details which will be provided
  • On the website you can search, benchmark and analyse your results. It's as simple as it sounds!
  • To begin the testing processing, fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch to start the process

"I have been using genomics as part of my selection criteria since 2019, alongside type."

James Dixon

"It helps me highlight which animals have the traits I want to improve within my herd, allowing me to breed more efficient and profitable replacement females. I could never find out the information that it shows me, like birthweight, milk and fertility until she has given me 4 to 5 calves, and other traits like feed efficiency or feed to gain."

"Genomics has really helped me drive my herd forward.”

James Dixon, Selside, Cumbria