Information on how Stabiliser Cattle can help improve supply chain profitability and environmental credentials

The benefits of Stabiliser cattle do not start and stop at the beef farmers gate.

Due to the continuous improvement and ongoing progression of the breed, the benefits of utilising Stabiliser genetics on the farm can help out the whole supply chain.

Stabiliser Cattle Company can offer benefits along the beef supply chain

  • Short gestation length
  • Low birthweight, easy calving births
  • Polled animals – no dehorning required
  • Good animal temperament – happy cattle and happy farmers
  • Fast growing animals – less time on the farm
  • Improved feed efficiency – reduced feed inputs are required
  • Ability to finish from grass – easy fleshing animals, that are good at utilising forage
  • Quality carcasses – meeting consumer demands for size, exceeding on quality
  • Deliver a consistent and quality product to the consumer
  • Massively reduced carbon footprint – up to 40% less

For more information on how the Stabiliser Cattle Company could help your business, no matter on the size, please contact our Business Manager, Seth Wareing on 07496 415984 or

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