Another successful open day held at Givendale

This year’s Stabiliser Cattle Company Open Day was again held at Wold Farm near Givendale on Tuesday the 28th May (2019). We hosted over 80 people, with a good mix of familiar Stabiliser breeders and interested and eager new hopefuls.

We had 4 speakers for the day. The first, to welcome everyone and give an overview of the Stabiliser blueprint, was Seth Wareing. We heard where the Stabiliser came from, the design of the Stabiliser and where we’re going.
Next up was Lisa Rumsfield from Growsafe, who gave a very interesting talk on feed efficiency, why it matters and current developments to aid measuring efficiencies. Included in this was the development of scales builds into the feeding stations to get regular automatic weights! Following this, we had Boomer Birch from Cogent Breeding. This talk gave us a very good look at Artificial Insemination, describing new tech and applications of it, and how it can benefit the farmer. To close our session of talks was Andrew Southwell, who gave a brief talk of the benefits of using Artificial Insemination from a data point of a view, to access the very best bulls in the breed.

Following the talks, we all tucked into delicious Givendale Prime burgers, provided by Burtons Butchers in Pocklington. These truly show the Stabiliser to not only be fantastic as a suckler cow and highly efficient, but they also produce high-quality beef with fantastic eating quality. These are always a highlight of the Open Day for many of the attendees!

We then had a wander up to the feed unit to look at the bulls that were currently undergoing feed efficiency trial. From here we visited several herds, allowing us to see the extremely strong consistency of the suckler herds, and some of the best bulls at the JSR Givendale Farm; including Givendale Black Resolution and Givendale Theodore. Here the farm manager, James, gave us the details of these bulls and what his aims were within each herd.

Thankfully the weather seemed to be with us on this day, as the downpour that hit us made sure to move on when it was time to go outside! Thanks to James and all the team at the JSR farm for helping make the Open Day happen as smoothly as possible!

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