The future performance of a breeding herd of cows is determined by the genetic potential and physical standards of the replacement heifers.

If either is sub-standard then optimum performance cannot be achieved.

The Stabiliser has been bred to calve at 2-years-old and will achieve that with the correct management. The correct management of heifers through their first and second calving periods is of critical importance to ensuring a long and productive life in the herd. These animals are expected to be lactating, growing and pregnant at the same time so need more care than mature cows.

The 14 month old Stabiliser bulling heifer is a valuable asset with the potential to produce commercial progeny worth £8,000 – £9,000 from 8 calves and have a cull value of about £800-£1000 depending on body condition and time of the year.

Improving herd efficiency by calving at 2 years old

The Stabiliser™ is bred for early puberty to calve for the first time at two years old. This is achieved through the inclusion in the breed mix of naturally early maturing breeds such as the Gelbvieh and Angus.

It is also achieved by using bulls with good scrotal circumference to breed replacement females. It has been shown at several research centres around the world that the daughters of bulls with scrotal circumferences of above 35cm as yearlings exhibit high early puberty levels.

For 2 year first calving to be successful it is necessary to take extra care in the management and nutrition of the heifers until they calve for the second time. Failure to do this could lead to re-breeding problems and reduced calf performance.

The target weight for mating heifers is about 400 kgs at 14 months.


Best Practice Commercial Manual 2016


“The great thing about the Stabiliser breed is that it brings all the right qualities to a suckler herd”

Jono Cole

“We have a low cost, low labour cow and good quality finishing cattle that meet the needs of the market.”

Pete and Mel Momber

John and Ianto Pari

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