NFE Trial Results

First 16 Trials 22/3/2012 to 6/10/2016

Sixteen batches of 80 young Stabiliser bulls/ steers have now been tested and the data used to construct a Net Feed Efficiency Estimated Breeding Value.

The data from each batch is recorded in the report below.

Within a batch there was typically a difference of 25% in feed intake between the most efficient bull and the least efficient. This is equivalent to £96 difference in feed cost for the same gain over a 200 day finishing period.

There was a difference of 13% between the average of the top 1/3 most efficient bulls and the average of the bottom 1/3 least efficient bulls. This is equivalent to £50 difference in feed costs for the same gain in favour of the top 1/3 over a 210 day finishing period (calculated using feed prices of the day).

Download the report below.


NFE Trial Results


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