Meet market specification and reduce production costs with Stabilisers®...

Stabiliser benefits

The Stabiliser production system reduces:

Feed costs Forage efficient cows
Finishing costs Good performance on grass
Labour costs Easy care docile cows
Veterinary costs Easy calving and robust
Herd depreciation costs Retained long-lived replacements
Breeding costs High cow to bull ratio
Housing costs Hardy; ability to be out-wintered
Calving interval Faster re-breeding
Disease risk Closed herd breeding system


The traits that make this happen are:

Maternal Traits
Optimum milking ability Increases calf weaning weights
Low birthweight Improves calving ease
Good calf viability/survival rates Maximises calf numbers
Improved fertility High level of breeding
Medium size Low maintenance costs
Early puberty First calving at 2 years
Retains hybrid vigour Maximises Output


Terminal Traits
Fertile and active bulls High cow to bull ratio
High growth rates Increases output
Good carcase grades Increases value
High eating quality Branding potential


Breed Characteristics
Robust structure Reduces costs
Mainly polled Reduces labour
Docile temperament Easier to handle
Finishing Animals Profitably

Morrisons Yearling beef Scheme

The objective of the partnership is “to develop a sustainable system of profitable suckler beef production for UK conditions that is not dependent upon subsidies”. The way it is organised means Morrisons get the beef quality they want and breeders get a premium for hitting the specifications.

There are also benefits in terms or coordinated and subsidies transport and for those using the approved finishing unit a finance scheme that smooths cash flow.

The key specification elements for bulls are 12-14 months old, 320-370kg carcase weight and 3 or 4L fat, R or better conformation.  The steers have the same weigh, fat and conformation spec but can be up to 18 months old.

Slaughter Information
Bull Blue Print
Age at slaughter 13 months
Growth rate from birth to weaning 1.4kg/d LW
Growth rate weaning to slaughter 1.6 kg/d LW
Carcass weight 360kg
Grading 70%R 30%U


Steer Blueprint
Age at slaughter 18 months
Growth rate from birth to weaning 1.1 kg/d LW
Growth rate weaning to slaughter 1.2 kg/d LW
Carcass weight 350kg
Grading 76%R 3%U

See Best Practice Manual for management advice to hit these targets


See document comparing bull and steer performance


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