Why Stabiliser® Cattle Company

The Stabiliser® Cattle Company is the only organisation that is optimising the whole beef supply chain.  We have genetics that are designed to deliver the highest profit per hectare.

This means we have thought about:

The optimum cow size

It's 650kg

The traits that make an efficient cow

Fertility, calving ease, milk and feed efficiency

The traits that make profitable finishing cattle

Fast growth to market weights

The traits needed for excellent eating quality

Young animals with the right fat cover

To deliver these genetics we have a structured breeding programme that uses over 110 multiplier herds who between them performance record nearly 12,000 cows and their progeny each year.

We have two complementary approaches to breed improvement.  We rigorously select home grown cattle based on their EBVs and we import embryos from the USA to ensure we have the latest and best genetics from the Leachman breeding programme.

See what Lee thinks here!

We know that buying a bull or some heifers is a big investment so we make sure that all Stabiliser cattle sold for breeding are inspected for correct identification, breed type, soundness and conformation by SCC personnel prior to sale.


Breed Origins


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