The Stabiliser Strategy Committee helps to advise and guide the development of the Stabiliser Cattle Company

The Committee is made up of multiplier breeders from all over the UK.  All committee members act as local representatives for other multipliers as well as existing and prospective commercial breeders.

The committee hold regular open days on their farms to highlight the breed, so that everyone can see all of the different types of stock.  They are also very happy to hold farm walks for discussion groups or colleges.

If you would like to see the benefits of using Stabiliser within your herd, please contact your local committee member directly or contact us at Stabiliser Cattle Company on 01377 227790.

The Committee L-R. Dan Burling, James Evans, Edward Rook, Sean Hayden (Non committee member), David Girvan, Brandon Richardson, John Aynsley, Jono Cole, Jeremy Iles, Richard Dixon, Billy O’Kane, Robin Norrie, Harri Parri, Gwion Owen (Not Pictured)

Dan Burling – Cambridgeshire –

James Evans – Shropshire –

Edward Rook – East Yorkshire –

David Girvan – Inverness –

Brandon Richardson – North Devon-

John Aynsley – Teesside –

Jono Cole – Cornwall –

Jeremy Iles – Gloucestershire –

Richard Dixon – Cumbria –

Billy O’Kane – Northern Ireland –

Robin Norrie – Angus –

Harri Parry – Gwynedd –

Gwion Owen – Denbighshire (Not Pictured) –

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