SCC is committed to providing an efficient service which adds value to breeders businesses.

The SCC Objectives

The objectives of the Stabiliser breeding programme are to increase the competitiveness, efficiency and profit potential for suckled calf for producers in the UK by driving down production costs and by increasing the value of output per hectare.

  • Improve the value of suckler cow productivity by breeding more efficient cows Use animal performance records and EBVs for maternal and terminal sire traits to optimise the rate of genetic improvement
  • Reduce feed and overhead costs by measuring and selecting animals for Net Feed Efficiency using GrowSafe technology
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by selecting animals with improved feed efficiency
  • Manage the direction of the Stabiliser breeding programme to optimise animal performance to maximise the profit potential for Stabiliser breeders
  • Deliver marketing strategies for surplus breeding stock from recorded Stabiliser herds
  • Deliver marketing opportunities for finished cattle to offer farmers the chance to capture a higher share of retail value
  • Satisfy consumer requirements for eating quality, traceability, animal welfare and environmentally sensitive management
SCC Services

The Stabiliser® Cattle Company (SCC) operates on the basis of equal opportunities and non-discrimination on behalf of employees, members and customers.

The Stabiliser® Cattle Company is highly focused on:-

  • Supplying an efficient service to its breeders
  • Providing accurate information, breeding advice and marketing services
  • Ensuring quality of cattle and service continues to develop and improve in line with industry requirements
  • Treating all breeders equally, within their chosen service level

ABRI( ) hosts and maintains the website which records individual animal pedigree and performance data with a search function and mating control programme.

Further support is provided by SCC with the employment of a Business Manger, Marketing Manager, Data Analyst, Data Administrator.

The combination of the in-depth database plus qualified and experienced personnel gives a platform for improving efficiency, profitability and competitiveness for breeders and customers alike.

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